Vertical Fog Farm


2021 is Rob Jordan's fifth year farming as the sole proprietor of Vertical Fog Farm, where he specializes in salad mix, cut greens, and mixed vegetables. 

Rob came to farming via community gardening and garden education programs--while working as a life science researcher in Seattle, he volunteered for years in a community garden capacity. A bit bored and burned out by research work, he took the advice of a friend and took a leave of absence from work and spent 6 months immersed in a farm apprenticeship at the University of California Santa Cruz. His plan was to learn about farming and food systems, and then shift his career by plugging in to a community gardening or urban farm program somewhere. Through the UCSC program, Rob learned not only about farm production and food systems, but that he may be more interested in farming for himself than managing community gardens.

Upon returning to Washington, Rob continued his on-farm education with the internship at Cloud Mountain. He was interested in a business-focused program that had the people and flexibility to set him up for commercial success, or at the least help decide if that was the route for him. By the end of his internship, he had applied to the incubator program, and started Vertical Fog Farm in 2017.

Rob started small in the incubator program, focusing on only a few crops. Over the past few years he has worked on expanding the farm and business and sells salad mix, cut greens, and other mixed veggies to groceries, restaurants, and other markets in Whatcom County and all around the Puget Sound. He sells his produce (and some flowers) at 2 local co-op farmers markets and at the incubator farm stand.