City Sprouts Farm

Annah Young and Ellie Duncan have built City Sprouts Farm from the blackberry-choked ground up, farming one acre of ground in the Birchwood neighborhood since 2017. Their urban plot, owned by Kulshan Community Land Trust, has been transformed in to a productive, biodiverse oasis of urban food production through invasive species removal, cover cropping, and organic cultivation of vegetables and fruits. While the Birchwood plot will always be the heart of City Sprouts, expanding to the CMFC Incubator Farm will allow for production of more space-intensive crops such as winter squash, melons, and brassicas. Annah and Ellie's primary goal for City Sprouts is to make produce accessible to the community while running a viable, resilient business--they are excited to grow a wider diversity and larger volume of produce through the Incubator Farm to better provide affordable, sustainably grown vegetables to Whatcom County. 

Annah Young is an educator extraordinaire, whose love for farming grew out of teaching high school students in community gardens. She has a strong desire and incredible gift for connecting people to place and each other through agriculture. She has farmed in Idaho, California, Eastern Washington, and now Bellingham. Annah served as the Education Coordinator at CMFC until 2019, when she moved to farming and supporting the Birchwood Farmers Market full time. 

Ellie Duncan fell in love with farming as a teenager in her home state of Montana, where she volunteered on a number of farms. For the past decade, she has been either farming or dreaming of doing so--she has worked on organic production farms, small urban education farms, and permaculture gardens.